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Tested Physical and Electrical Properties

Physical Properties

Properties Value Test Method
Tensile psi 100 ASTM D-412
Elongation % 950 ASTM D-412
Ozone Resistance    
50 PPHM 104° F (40° C) 750 hrs ASTM D-1149
Low Temperature Properties    
3 minutes @ -55° F (-48° C) Pass ASTM D-746
Heat Aging    
70 hours @ 250° F (121 Degrees C) No Deterioration ASTM D-573
Electrical Properties    
Volume Resistivity 8.5 x 10" ASTM D-991
Dielectric Constant 844 Volts/Mil ASTM D-150
Effect of Liquid    
70 hrs @ 77° F (25 Degrees C)    
Water Immersion Volume Change 0.00% ASTM D-471



Storage Test Results  
(After 60 days at 40° C or 104° F)    
Unduly attached to the separator No  
Unwinding or flagging None  
Dielectric Breakdown Test    
(Average thickness, inches .032)    
Average breakdown, volts 18,000  
Average breakdown, volts per mil 600  
Physical Properties Test    
Average elongation, percent 1317+  

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