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How It Works

Our easy-to-install, tight-fitting grips work without the old way of installing grips with the difficulty and mess of using tape and solvents.

Here are the steps in our air-shrink process:

  1. We make our grips with a special rubber composite that reacts to our patented swelling solvent.

  2. Our Vulcanized-molded grip is made with an inside diameter that is slightly smaller than a men's standard club shaft.

  3. We place the grip in an individual protective package, add our swelling solvent and seal the package.

  4. The swelling solvent is absorbed into the grip and causes the inside diameter to expand about 30% of its original size. This expansion allows the grip to easily slide onto the club shaft.

  5. Now the shrink process begins as the air evaporates the swelling solvent from the grip, and the grip returns to its original molded size - to form a tight grip on the shaft.

Note: Our rubber compound formula includes a "tackifier" additive to create a unique "no-slip" feel. The grip becomes tackier as the player's hands become warmer with play.



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